About Oil Knight Light-Diesel Engine Oil

Oil Knight's car oil is divided into SN/CF engine oil, SM/CF engine oil,Heavy-diesel engine oil, Light-diesel engine oil lubricants.



Oil Knight Fully Synthetic Small Diesel Engine Comply with the C3-12 specifications of the vehicle lubricants, with the highest standards of light diesel engines of the designation of 5W30, 5W40, light diesel vehicles for general use, to provide smooth start, long driving none - stagnation, high speed under the perfect oil film protection.

Automotive equipped with turbine engine and equipped with an exhaust gas treatment system are required to use this grade of lubricant, otherwise DPF/TWC will not be protected, this series is fully synthetic SN/C3-12 standard diesel oil, can also be customized production of different designation, the formula of light diesel engine oil.